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National Answer Your Cat's Question Day

barbara tompkins

TODAY, January 22nd, is National Answer Your Cat's Question Day! If your furbaby(ies) could ask you a question, what do you think they'll ask? It might be something other than "When's dinner?" or "Where's my box?"  So listen closely!

So I tried really listening to Miu, my 11 year old solid black medium-hair diva kitty, and I believe I heard her ask a couple of questions:

“How come I can’t get any of my really favorite food?” My answer: “Because they changed the formula and you decided you didn’t like it. I couldn’t find any of the leftovers made of the old formula.”

“How are we doing on my inventory? Are you feeding those kittens downstairs my stuff?” My answer: “No, they have their own stuff…and we’re doing fine on your stuff.”

So, apparently she’s concern about her food supply.

Post your kitty’s (kitties’) question and your answer (if you have one, LOL) in the comment section!