About blushing meow


My name is Barbara Asia and I'm an illustrator and a graphic designer. During the day I design ads and magazine layouts and by night I am either painting, sewing, or coming up with new drawings. 

My work focuses on my cat illustrations onto wood, paper, and digital. I have one beautiful, feather-light long hair black kitty named Miu (which actually means "beautiful feather" in Japanese) and she is absolutely just the best cat ever. She is my inspiration for my illustrations.

10% of each sale goes to a no-kill, nonprofit cat sanctuary or organization:
Alley Cat Allies - alleycat.org
The Cat House on the Kings - thecathouseonthekings.com
Lanai Cat Sanctuary - lanaicatsanctuary.org
Happy Cat Sanctuary - happycatsanctuary.com
Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary - blindcatrescue.com

As a disclaimer, I or Blushing Meow, have no affiliation with any of the above organizations. I read about them, admire their work, follow them on social media and just want to help them out in some way!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and visiting! :)