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The Three Little Kittens

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Almond, Kiwi and Cashew

Once upon a time, a beautiful Lynx-Point Siamese kitty was wandering around lost in the countryside. She spotted a home that looked like it might have some food for her to eat, for she was very hungry. The people in that home saw her and gave her food and water, and an outdoor cat house, in case she like to stay a while. She came back every day and sometimes she didn’t leave at all…

Not long after, she gave birth to four tiny little gray-silver striped kittens on the porch. The people of the house brought the kitty and her babies into the house, in a warm, safe and cozy room. The kittens grew and grew. Then mommy kitty and one of her babies found a wonderful furever home.

Now there were the two brothers and a sister, waiting patiently for their furever home. Are you or someone you know able to give these cats a wonderful home, filled with love and care?

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